Apartment Cellar Cleanings

Every apartment cellar and building parking becomes a dumping ground for all raw and used materials during and after the construction. It is never a pretty sight and all builders tend to get rid of all this waste as quickly as is humanly possible in order to start with the market aspect of selling this newly constructed property.

Cadvins facility provides cellar cleaning services and undertakes all kinds of cellar after construction debris collection and disposal.
We take care of the following cellar/parking cleaning services for residential and commercial space.

1. Removing, after construction residual sand and cement.
2. Removing and disposing wooden supports and RC bars and metal leftovers.
3. Disposing left over plastic bags and chemical product cases.
4. We also undertake cellar after party or after event cleaning.
5. We undertake high pressure water jet cleaning to whiten and brighten any surface.

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