Sofa Cleaning

All sofas have the tendency to gradually collect dust in their folds and corners turning their fabric or the leather dull and dark. Human exfoliations, sebum and oil buildup on the fabric affects its durability and look.

We undertake all types of sofa cleanings. Our technique, methods and products have proven their effectiveness for all ranges of sofas such as Leather sofa, synthetically fabricated sofa, suede sofa, cloth or fabric sofa, faux leather sofa or sofa made from regular leather looking fabric as well.

Sofa sets always act as the centerpiece for all furniture in the office and therefore should be kept neat and clean. We use both vacuuming for sofa corners and superficial sofa dust removal and special sofa cleaning agents for sofa wash depending on the conditions.
Go ahead and call us now for a sofa cleaning session and change the office look with a clean and new looking sofa.