Curtains Cleaning

Curtains add character to any room’s interiors and accentuate the look of a well-established living space. But unfortunately curtains are one of the most neglected areas of the house. Curtain cleaning is never considered easy due to their position and installation restrictions and harbors a huge amount of pollen dust, dirt and air particulates. These pollutants can cause irritation of the skin, eye and nose and never forget that they also harbor a large number of insects and cob webs.

Do not let your unclean curtains give you and your family a hard time or ruin the look of your newly painted walls. Call us and we will get it done. Starting from brushing and dirt removal to deep fabric and steam vacuuming and disinfectant, anti-pollen and anti-insect agent spraying, we have it all.

What are you waiting for, contact us now and enjoy the best cleaning experience ever.