Office Glass Cleanings

All the glass partitions in any office give it a certain sense of abundance and prosperity adding to the modern touch of sophistication. Keeping such glass clean is not an easy task and demands a certain skillset that we at Cadvins facility possess. No matter what type of glass partition or installation –tinted glass, non-tinted glass, glass with frame or the frameless and hinged ones with handles, glass doors, windows or other normal table glass and desk glass; we are well adept in handling any type of glass.

We have tools apart from liquid cleaning solutions to deal with a variety of dirt and sticky soot that accumulates on the glass over time due to exposure from pollution and air sediments, human oil secretions or general dirt deposition over long periods of time. Glass paned windows are specially dealt with ensuring structural safety of the installation.

A clean and shiny glass interiors can instantly make any office work floor or meeting room stand out and definitely add to the overall beauty and aesthetics of your workstation improving the ambience. Look no further and contact us immediately to avail our services.